Step By Step's Curiosity Club is an Enrichment Program offered separately from our regular school program.  Each stand-alone Curiosity Club class is open to all children ages 3 to 5 and meets every school day during the months of October through May, from 12:15 until 2:15 .  Students bring their lunch and engage in immersive, playful, and creative learning experiences.

Topics include:

"Global Explorers"

“STEM” (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

"Food Fun"

“Little Artists”

"Fit Kids"

"Story Time"

...and more!

We hope your child will join us!

For more information:

The Curiosity Club visited Mexico...stamping their passports, decorating their luggage and learning about the exciting culture of Mexico. 

28 Foxhurst Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746


Enrichment Program for All Children Ages 3-5